Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Melissa's Tarot Readings


Melissa has been reading and teaching Tarot for over forty years. Her clients report that she is a sublimely accurate and sensitive reader. They also say that she will help you see the options open to you at any given time, and will give you insight into the current situation now facing you, so that you can make informed decisions. Often your spiritual Guides and Angels will appear to Melissa with messages for you. This is a sacred and powerful experience, for everyone who contacts Melissa feels that her unique ability to act as your conduit to the Mystical Realm is one of the most fascinating aspects of the reading.

Melissa has had the near-death experience required of any true shaman, and has emerged with a deepened and very pure, powerful ability
to see that which is "unseen" to the average person. She is a true healer, and uses her vast knowledge of Tarot, coupled with her life experience, as her healing tool. Melissa's readings are both informative and compassionate. She will not judge you or your situation, but approach the reading as if it were the sacred event that it really is; communication with your Higher Self and Guides. This is how Melissa serves Spirit, as a conduit between you and your Higher Self/Guides.

Melissa will do readings for you over the phone, or via email.

Call Melissa for a reading today! 1-832-640-8666!

You will be delighted that you did.

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